A Trend We’ve Seen in Cosmetics

Gaining popularity in Cosmetics in a product called by several names, MCT (medium chain triglycerides) oil, Fractionated Coconut oil, or Liquid Coconut oil .

photo courtesy of i.huffpost.com

photo courtesy of i.huffpost.com & shutterstock

Here is the story.  Fractionated, MCT and “liquid”  coconut oil all refer to a coconut oil product where most of the Lauric portions (C12) are removed – which is over 50% of coconut oil . The reason this is popular is Coconut oil is semi solid at room temp (Melt Point  = 76F) and without the lauric (C12) and higher carbon chain fatty acids components, it can be made to be liquid even in the refrigerator.

MCT or Fractionated coconut keeps mostly the Capric and Caprylic fractions ( C8-C10 ) My suspicion is that fractionated, liquid coconut oil was probably “discovered” originally as a simple by-product of harvesting lauric acid fat from coconut oil. Liquid coconut oil is the result of the “left-over” fatty acids, most of which have a much lower melting point, like the caprylic and capric fatty acids (C8 – C10). They are not a large percentage of real coconut oil, and they are not so unique to coconut oil. The same fractions are found in palm kernel and corn oils. Goat Milk has a higher percent of Capric and Caprylic acids.

So is it really fair to call this coconut oil?

Anyway, we can offer both versions based on customer needs.

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